June 13, 2024
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I will continue to fight for public interest ~ Sophia Akuffo

Former Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo has said she loves the feedback she received from right thinking members of the society following her decision to join the picketing by her fellow pensioneers.

Madam Sophia Akuffo has therefore said she will continue on the same path in the rest of her retirement.

Madam Sophia Akuffo last week joined a group of pensioners to picket at the Finance Ministry, describing the government’s DDE decision as “inhumane, sheer wickedness and outright disrespectful”.

Since the success of their protest, the former Chief Justice has assured the country that she will no longer sit quietly for the wrong things to happen without being heard or contributing to correcting it.

Madam Sophia Akuffo also revealed she is not a stranger to protest to push through demands, revealing she joined protests as a young student at the University.

“Nobody can trample on my right to conscience and to speak out. Nobody… As a student I joined protest but I didn’t imagine I would join another protest as a pensioneer many year later” she said on UpFront on JoyNews

She added that she will he using her retirement for more public good and social crusades.

“My time in retirement will be used for more social crusades… I think I like the feedback I received”.

Asked if she has seen insults of her person on social media, she said she doesn’t “see what I don’t want to see”.
Sophia Akuffo added that she has been encouraged by the calls she received and none of them was insulting.

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