July 25, 2024
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Ibrahim Mahama dredges stagnant flood waters in Mepe

The Chief Executive Officer of Engineers & Planners and Dzata Cement, Mr. Ibrahim Mahama has commenced the dredging and re-channeling of stagnant water from the floods at Mepe in the Volta Region.

The work involves the construction of new roads in the Mepe RC-St. Kizito enclave which was terribly damaged by the floods.

This was after a brief sod-cutting ceremony done on Saturday, October 28, at Mepe.

The dredging follows an earlier donation done by Mr. Mahama to flood victims on Tuesday where he gave relief items to support about 20,000 homes.

Mr. Ibrahim Mahama dispatched his engineers, workers, and equipment in fulfillment of a pledge he made to the chiefs and people of the affected communities last Tuesday.

The Lower Volta Basin has been grappling with severe flooding over the past few weeks due to the spillage of the dam and rising water levels.

The spillage of the dam has caused extensive damage to homes and infrastructure, displacing families and disrupting daily life.

In response to this crisis, Engineers and Planners have stepped in to help residents by employing their vast expertise in water management and construction.

The dredging operation, led by a team of skilled engineers and workers, involves the removal of silt, debris, and excess water from rivers, canals, and drainage systems.

By clearing these waterways, the project aims to reduce the risk of future flooding and provide much-needed relief to the community.

Speaking on behalf of the Chief Executive Officer of Engineers and Planners, Rafik  Mahama, aide to Ibrahim Mahama said the primary objective is to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents  affected by the flood, and that dredging is a crucial step in the recovery process as it will improve the flow of water, reduce the risk of further flooding and expedite the restoration of essential services in the area.

According to Mr. Rafik Mahama, helping the needy and giving back to society is one act Mr. Ibrahim Mahama does with passion and dedication. He added that they’re working to extend similar support to those affected by the dam spillage in the Oti Region and the Northern Regions.

The chiefs thanked Mr. Mahama and his team for honoring the promise made to them during the presentation of the relief items last Tuesday. They said dredging of the place will allow the water to move freely from the flooded areas allowing them to recover from the disaster.

The MP for the area, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa also thanked Mr. Ibrahim Mahama and his team for this unique intervention.

He said they’ll forever be grateful to Mr. Ibrahim Mahama for helping them with massive relief items and also now helping them to dredge the stagnant contaminated flood waters among others.

Local authorities have been working closely with Engineers and Planners to coordinate the operation and ensure the safety of all involved.

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