March 2, 2024
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Ibrahim Mahama supports 17year old inventor from Upper East region

Chief Executive Officer of Engineers and Planners, Mr Ibrahim Mahama has extended a supporting hand to Solomon Atimbiri who hails from the Upper East Region but currently resides in Kumasi, for a mentorship session and exhibition of his invention works.

Upon spotting the young inventor’s video after it went viral on social media last weekend, a Ghanaian businessman invited him for a mentorship session. Mr Solomon Atimbiri at his age can build a moving excavator and other trucks by using locally available materials.

Mr Ibrahim Mahama took interest in the talent of the young boy and has therefore decided to mentor him, by offering him the needed support in realizing his dream. He has since been attached to a team of local and expatriate engineers. Mr Atimbiri will also be given practical training whenever school is on break till he completes formal education.

According to Mr Mahama, Solomon will join the company permanently and will be working with a team of professional engineers after completion of school. Some of the current engineers working within Mr Ibrahim Mahama’s firm were also discovered as raw talent and developed to become professional engineers.

Mr. Solomon Atimbiri will also be given the best support and environment to become an accomplished professional engineer and inventor, he said.

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