June 13, 2024
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If Ras Mubarak wins NDC parliamentary primaries against Prof Hamza I will resign as NPP Constituency Youth organizer for Mion ~ NPP’s Naporo vows 

The NPP’s Youth Organiser for Mion Constituency, Mohammed Abubakari Naporo, also known popularly as Dj Parara has issued a word of caution to the constituents of Kumbungu in the Northern region never to err in replacing the current NDC MP, Professor Hamza Adam with any other contestant of the seat going into the 2024 elections.

Mr Naporo confessed that even though an NPP member, what Prof Hamza is doing as an MP for the Kumbungu constituency while his party is in opposition, he doesn’t agree that any other person could have done the same talkless as Ras Mubarak who wouldn’t have achieved 1% of it even if his party NDC was in power with him as MP for Kumbungu.

His comments came on the back of allegations made by Hon. Ras Mubarak, former MP for the Kumbungu constituency insinuating that the current Kumbungu member of parliament, Professor Hamza Adam was part of some backbenchers from the minority side of the house to have betrayed the NDC party by voting ‘YES’ to approve the President Akufo Addo nominees despite the party’s opposition to the appointments.

According to the response by Dj Parara, though he believes those comments are purely false, the allegations cannot still help Ras to win the Kumbungu NDC primaries over Prof Hamza Adam. He advised the former member of parliament to instead channel his focus and energy into profitable businesses or join the John Mahama campaign team for 2024.

I have never set my eyes on Prof Hamza talkless of having any relationship with him but per what he’s doing in his constituency as opposition mp even JM cannot do that in Bole Bamboi, he said.

Is sometimes painful and shameful that a politician like Ras Mubarak cannot determine his future so far as politics in Kumbungu is concerned. How do you expect the Good people of Kumbungu to drop iPhone 14 Pro Max and take Nokia 3310?

I swear that, if Ras Mubarak wins parliamentary primaries against Prof Hamza I will resign as NPP Constituency Youth organizer for Mion, he vowed.

The Minority caucus in Parliament prior to the approval said it will not approve the ministers in line with a directive from the leadership of the party but all the nominees were approved after a secret vote on Friday, March 24, 2023.

The party had also asked the minority Members of Parliament (MPs) to reject the nominees but the order was defied by some NDC MPs who voted along with the majority side of the House to approve six ministers and deputy ministers.

This development has led to members of the party accusing the parliamentarians who voted for the approval of betraying the party and Ghanaians who felt the need for the government to downsize due to the current economic challenges.

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By Robicon Mornahson

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