July 24, 2024
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If the US doesn’t do business with us; others will – Sam George tells Virginia Palmer

A sponsor of the Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill, Sam George says Ghana loses nothing if the United States America (USA) decides to cut business ties with her.

According to him, the US benefited more from trade relations with Ghana therefore any such legislation to end trade was to their disadvantage.

Speaking on Newsnight on JoyFM, he said “There is more trade coming into Ghana than Ghanaian trade going into the US. We are in a trade deficit doing business with the US.

“If the United States decides to stop doing business with Ghana, it’s the United States that is going to suffer not Ghana.”

His comments come on the back of the US Ambassador to Ghana’s claim that the anti-LGBTQ+ bill will make it difficult for her to sell Ghana as an investment and trade destination.

Also, Virginia Palmer said the legislation would reduce forex inflows, cut into Ghana’s bottom line, and reduce the workforce options which is going to impact businesses.

On the back of this, the Ningo-Prampram MP said Ghana can always do business with other countries therefore he is not concerned about the effect on revenues.

“And whatever business we do with them, the US should be well aware that we are in a global world – China is ready to do business with us, Russia is ready to do business with us. Again when the US Ambassador peddles such untruth, someone holding such a high office is unbecoming of her unless she is a lobbyist or spokesperson of the LGBTQ + community,” he said.

Again, the legislator said the Ambassador’s claim that the best people in a workforce belong to LGBTQ+ communities was not factual.

Mr George seized the opportunity to remind Madam Palmer that she had no right to meddle in the decisions and plans of her host country

“That Article 42 of the Vienna Convention, whether she is the US Ambassador or not, cannot conduct herself in a manner that is offensive to her host country and so we are serving notice to her to respect our rules but if she does not respect our rules we are going to organise a demonstration against her and insist that the American government changes her because she is pushing an agenda that is not the official position of the US government.”

He added that if the US decides to end business relations with Ghana, “so be it, they are not the only country in the world.”

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