June 13, 2024
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I’m a man with good purpose and great vision for Ghana, Africa – Cheddar

Serial Ghanaian entrepreneur Nana Kwame Bediako, widely known as Cheddar or Freedom Jacob Caesar, has expressed his readiness to lead Ghana and Africa with positive intentions and progressive plans.

Despite expressing his disinterest in political positions, presidential roles, and power struggles, Cheddar insists he is focused on using Africa’s vast natural resources to develop every corner of the continent.

Speaking during a press conference following the cancellation of the New Africa Foundation’s Convention, Nana Kwame Bediako told the media that he firmly believes he was put on earth to add value to it, and that is what he is focused on achieving.

“I am a son of the soil, and I can add value to humanity. I came here to add value to this world and nature. I am not going to leave here without even God being proud of me.”

He also expressed dissatisfaction with the cancellation of the event, which he said has strengthened his resolve to make sacrifices to bring relief to Ghana and the African continent.

“And if I am the reason why the country or the government is not happy about these great voices coming to educate not only Ghana but also Africa, then I take this moment to sacrifice myself, to unveil myself because I have much respect for these great leaders beside me. I would have taken my own time to tell you that I am. But for this very moment, I am sacrificing myself to let you know that I am that man.”

“But I am that man with a good purpose, with a great vision. I have a plan, and I have a vision for this nation. And not only for this nation, I have it for Africa too. But I know Africa is the next biggest thing because out of all the continents that have been developed in this world, there is only one continent that is not developed, and I am sent to do that.”

He further indicated that his movement in the coming days would be sharing its policies and programs to further elucidate their vision for the continent.

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