June 13, 2024
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“I’m not a fool to build a house, I’m enjoying my money” ~ Oboy Siki says

Kumawood actor Oboy Siki known privately as Nana Kofi Agyemang has said that he’s not a fool to build a house because he’s using his money for other things which he deems more important than a house.

In an interview, Oboy Siki revealed that he has no plans or intentions of building a house because he has enough to rent an apartment and that alone is okay for him.

According to the controversial actor, he’ll keep renting until he dies because owning a house isn’t part of the things he wants in life.

Oboy Siki explained that some years ago, it was only cocoa farmers and merchants who were able to build houses – And unfortunately for him, he has never worked in the cocoa sector.

Talking about the legacy and properties he’ll leave behind for his kids when he dies – Oboy Siki stated that they should fight for their own properties just like their peers who have been able to build houses for themselves without support from their parents.

Oboy Siki was recently in the news over his comments about Agya Koo’s mansion.

In an interview with GhPage media, he that veteran actor Agya Koo’s mansion was built with earnings from politics.

He detailed that others, including Agya Koo, had resorted to politics as a means of survival since the Kumawood movie industry was not thriving anymore.

source: ghpage

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