“I’m not a leader who goes to hotels, womanize, wants to enjoy luxury” ~ Alban Bagbin

The Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin, has admonished Ghanaians to trash all the negative reportage by a section of the media in attempts to dent and put him out for public ridicule.

Mr. Bagbin while indirectly addressing the issues surrounding his Dubai trips stated that, he is not the kind of leader who wants to enjoy every luxury, because he was never brought up in such ways.

According to Mr. Speaker, he got to his current status in life through hard work and nothing more, “I don’t know how to enjoy”.

Describing the negative reports published from some media houses regarding his recent health travels to Dubai as “nonsense”, Mr. Bagbin indicated that he is the kind of person who does not know how to enjoy and has no eyes for luxurious lifestyles, because he was not brought up with search mindset.

All the nonsense you read in the newspapers, let them belong to the trash, I have not been brought up to enjoy luxury, I don’t know it, is through hard work I got to where I am.

Making a donation to Real Crusader Ladies, a female football club in Wa, Sunday, April 3, 2022, the former Nadoli/Kaleo MP urged all female footballers to stay committed and focused so that they can achieve their intended aims of becoming global stars.

He added that, God created everyone to come and add value to his creation which will enable generations yet unborn to become better than today. “I was not brought up to enjoy luxury” and for him, through his days as an MP till now, there’s nobody who can step out to accuse him of womanizing because he doesn’t engage in such things.

I don’t know how to enjoy, I don’t drink, I don’t womanize, I don’t go to hotels and you know that since I was an MP for all these years, if any of you can pinpoint to any lady that’s my girlfriend raise your hand.

The Office of the Speaker of Parliament through his counsel, Magnus Kofi Amoatey had earlier reacted to the media reports and explained that the recent trips to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by Mr Bagbin for a routine medical check-up was part of his conditions of service.

Parliamentary communications also explained that all his predecessors, particularly in the 4th Republic, embarked on similar trips and even the entire leadership of the House are entitled to same.

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