July 25, 2024
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Inflation slows to 35.2%; here are 20 items that recorded price changes above 50% in October 2023

According to the Ghana Statistical Service, the year-on-year inflation rate for October 2023 dropped from 38.1% in September 2023 to 35.2%. The service highlighted that among 20 items, their prices surged by over 50%, contributing to the overall October figure of 35.2%.

Within this group, two items—fresh tomatoes (1.2) and smoked herrings (2.9)—held substantial weights and retained their positions among the top 20 items experiencing significant year-on-year price changes.

Furthermore, five new items—corn dough/corn flour, fresh cassava, fruit juice, tilapia, and new bicycles—have emerged and secured positions among the 20 items with the highest year-on-year price increases.

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