March 2, 2024
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Insanitary conditions affecting smooth teaching and learning at Nuriya Primary School in Tamale

School children at the Nuriya Primary and Junior High schools in Bilpela, a suburb of the Tamale metropolis have bemoaned how the school’s premises have been turned into a refuse dump.

According to the students, residents of Bilpela staying close to the school have turned the school into a refuse dump site, thereby creating insanitary conditions in the school. The students who spoke to say the situation is impeding effective teaching and learning.

The Girls’ Prefect of the school, Mohammed Mazula said the burning of refuse in the school poses health risks to them. ‘Usually, people come there to burn the refuse and the whole schools is engulfed with smoke, this triggers the Asthma of our colleagues and most of us trying to breathe properly .It is really a big problem for us here. Another problem is that, the refuse have created insanitary conditions around here and any of us can contract disease from the situation, so we are really not safe and we want something urgent to be done about it” she lamented.

However, according to the school, the key challenge is indiscriminate dumping of refuse despite the provision of some waste correction centers. The need for improving proper sanitation has been necessitated by population increase and lack of discipline on the part of some residents, however, the current trend in the sanitation sector of the community is to design intervention that incorporate the three promotional approaches education, infrastructure and regulations.

In spite of its great negative impact on the environment, studies have shown that, the issue of strategic prioritization of the dimensions for resource allocation for effective intervention in Nuriya School and the entire Bilpela community in the Tamale metropolis of the northern region of Ghana remains unexplored. The situation is worrying as some parts of the building foundation are sitting on the refuse as the foundation block of the building. They urge that a quick response of authorities to the situation will be of good relief to the residents and students.  

Source: david dakpab

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