Insha Allah, Akufo-Addo and Bawumia will bring the economy back to life – Amoah

Nhyiaeso lawmaker, Dr Stephen Amoah has pleaded with Ghanaians to have patience as the government works to restore the economic progress of the country.

He said the government admits that there are challenges due to circumstances beyond its control however, measures have been put in place to resolve the issues.

Speaking in interview with TV3, the former Chief Executive of the Micro Finance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC) said “we are working on the crisis and we are giving hope to Ghanaians.

“Insha Allah, with the work of HE Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, Ghana will go back to its stable stage and and we will see the growth graph. So we beg Ghanaians, we know these are hard times but they should bear with us. We share the pain with them, we all buy fuel at high prices, it is a fact but it is not a useless and hopeless situation.”

The Vice President Dr Bawumia has said Ghana is directly affected by the ongoing geopolitical tension between Russia and Ukraine hence some of the economic difficulties facing the country.

He stated while addressing TESCON members on Thursday April 7 that Russia accounts for some 30 per cent of Ghana’s imported grains , 50 per cent of flour and 39 per cent of fertilizer.

The warfare therefore affected the local economy, he said.

“The increase in commodity prices has been exacerbated by the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Russia and Ukraine together account for 30 per cent of the global wheat export. The longer the conflict the greater will be the disruptions to global food supply. The country is also likely to slow global growth.

“According to the AfDB the price of wheat has shot up by 62 per cent since the war begun. The price of fertilizer is up by 300 per cent, the price of maize is up by 36 per cent since the war begin . Here in Ghana 60 per cent of our total imports of iron ore and steel are from Ukraine.

“Russia accounts for some 30 per cent of Ghana’s imported grains, 50 per cent of flour and 39 per cent of fertilizer . So we are directly affected by the Russia-Ukraine ware. Unfortunately, we do not know when it will be over. The global increase in fuel prices is causing hardship.”

He further said he recognizes that the country is going through some challenges at the moment.

He however indicated that some measures have been introduced by the government to ameliorate the hardship the people are going through.

He said “from the man on the streets to the business mogul, the health of the economy is the foundational instrument.

“The economy is what we feel in our pockets. I acknowledge that we are going through difficult times, this is the reality. Our economy is experiencing rising prices of fuel and virtually all commodities. Prices are on the rise.”

“These have come at a surprise to many Ghanaians and many questions have been asked about the state of the economy. These questions include what has happened to the fundamentals? Why are the prices of goods and services increasing so fast? Why has the Cedi depreciated so fast this year?

“What programess does the government have to show for the higher debt? Where is the new economy that the government promised to build? I will address these questions based on data and fact.

“I will admit where there have challenges and we will all leave here with a better state of the economy, where we have come from and where we are going.”

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