July 25, 2024
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International girl child day: NGO launches ringleaders’ project to imbibe leadership skills in girl child

On the occasion of International Day of the Girl Child, the Developing Women for Skills and Opportunity (DWoSO) Initiative, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), made a resounding commitment to empowering young girls through the launch of the Ringleaders Project.

 This initiative brought together 55 school prefects from 22 schools in the Sekyere East District of the Ashanti Region, with the aim of fostering leadership, personal growth, and confidence among these emerging young leaders.

Speaking on behalf of the Executive Director of DWoSO, Miss Beatrice Antwiwaa who serves as the Community Outreach Leadsperson for DWoSO Initiative, highlighted the significance of International Day of the Girl Child. 

She emphasised that this day is dedicated to recognising the importance of the girl child, including her human and educational rights while shedding light on the daily challenges girls face. 

Miss Antwiwaa expressed, “Girls are leaders and change-makers,” and underscored that the DWoSO Initiative, with its focus on the well-being of women and girls, launched the Ringleaders programme in the district to build the leadership capacities of Junior High and Senior High school leaders for effective leadership.

 She added, “It is our hope that you will leave here with increased knowledge of leadership and with high self-esteem and confidence to lead in any space you find yourself. We are all ringleaders, and we are called to lead.”

Madam Jacklin Sarfo, the District Girl Child Coordinator and chairperson of the event delivered an inspiring acceptance speech on behalf of the District Education Director, William Breko Adjepong. 

She passionately encouraged all the school prefects present to pay close attention to the discussions and activities, emphasising their role as peer mentors for their fellow students. Madam Sarfo stressed the significant impact these young leaders can have in shaping the educational environment and driving positive change.

The heart of the launch event was a series of immersive activities that guided the girls through a transformative journey. 

These sessions covered essential topics, including foundational leadership principles and the ethical considerations necessary for effective leadership. 

The girls also acquired skills to communicate effectively and handle conflicts constructively. 

Additionally, they were introduced to strategies for setting goals and managing their time effectively to achieve their ambitions. 

Group activities aimed at self-discovery, self-awareness, and personal growth were also part of the programme.

Several participants expressed their heartfelt appreciation to the DWoSO Initiative for taking a keen interest in their growth and development. 

They recognised the importance of this initiative in equipping them with the skills and confidence needed to excel as young leaders.

The launch of the Ringleaders Project signifies the beginning of an exciting journey for these 55 young school prefects. 

As they immerse themselves in leadership principles and personal growth activities, the hope is that they will emerge as empowered and confident leaders capable of inspiring change, not only within their schools but also in their communities.

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