June 13, 2024
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June 4: Eschew corrupt tendencies to propel Ghana from current difficulties – Rawlings Foundation

The Jerry John Rawlings Foundation has called on Ghanaians to reject corrupt practices to help the country overcome its current difficulties.

According to the Foundation, eliminating corrupt tendencies, especially among the ruling elite, is crucial for Ghana’s development and the betterment of every citizen.

In a press statement marking the 45th anniversary of the June 4th Uprising, the Foundation emphasised the importance of probity, accountability, and integrity.

It urged that these principles should be discussed and practiced in all areas of the country’s progress.

The Foundation also expressed its gratitude to the courageous men and women who played significant roles in the June 4 revolution.

Their efforts and sacrifices were acknowledged as vital to the fight against corruption and the promotion of integrity.

In conclusion, the Jerry John Rawlings Foundation reiterated its call for all Ghanaians to uphold and embody the values of probity and accountability to ensure a brighter future for the nation.

“As we commemorate today, may the people of Ghana remember that a society requires discipline, dedication, commitment and a desire to eschew corrupt tendencies.”

“The sacrifices many made on June 4, 1979 which eventually led to the birth of the Fourth Republic, should propel us to lift the country from the difficulties we find ourselves today.”

“Probity, accountability and integrity should not be used in vain but practiced in all facets of our country’s progress,” an excerpt of the press statement said.

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