July 20, 2024
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Kasoa: Street protest creates traffic gridlock

There is a traffic gridlock at Kasoa in the Central Region following a street protest by some residents over the poor nature of roads in the area.

Augustina Tawiah reports that both vehicular and pedestrian movement from the old barrier has come to a halt due to the protest.

Passengers had to drop off from the vehicles that were commuting them to town and walk because the protestors had blocked the roads in all directions. 

Dubbed, Fix Kasoa Highway,  the demonstrators mainly commercial trotro and taxi drivers were seen in red dresses dancing on the roads.

At Old Barrier, the demonstrators presented a petition to the Municipal Assembly. 

Petition of Kasoa residents

A morning show host of Class Media Group, which is part of the organizing team of Fix Kasoa Highway demonstration, Elaine Attoh, read the petition on behalf of the demonstrators.

The petition reads that they were responsible tax-paying citizens and could not fathom why there appeared to be a seeming total neglect of their plight.

“It becomes more than difficult to commute on the Kasoa-Accra Highway anytime it rains due to the large volumes of silt deposited on the road. The situation is always life-threatening as the flow of water drags vehicles, throwing Passengers into danger. There are even cases where people have died as a result of the situation,” it said.

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