June 13, 2024
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Keep criticizing me while I keep collecting my monthly salary ~ MCE for Tamale flex-muscles

The MCE for Tamale Metropolis in the Northern Region, Sule Salifu, has lashed out at his critics and media practitioners who seek to question his track record since assuming office as MCE of Tamale Metropolis in September 2021.

According to Mr Salifu, he is never moved by criticisms and some residents of Tamale who try to question his competency and performance over the last one and a half years on the job.

Reminding media practitioners and journalists of their role and duty to the region, the MCE lamented the kinds of attacks and vilifications he has consistently received over the period as a mayor of Tamale. Stating that he has never given such criticisms a second thought or spent his time on them because they can never affect his monthly salary in any way.

The Mayor of Tamale made the remarks, Friday, June 23, 2023, during a Socialisation and Dinner event organised by the Northern Regional executives of the Ghana Journalists Association at the Northern Regional Coordinating Council in Tamale.

Anytime I turn on my radio set to hear journalists talking about me, all I do is only ignore them. Because it doesn’t affect my salary in anyway.

I have one of the most active PROs at the assembly, he briefs me on everything that goes on and sometimes when he tells me to tune in and listen to what they are saying about me on the radio, I just tell him to forget to them.

Mr Salifu who succeeded Iddrisu Musah Superior to manage affairs in the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly, since assuming office for the past two years is yet to point to a single initiative he introduced to help the growth of the metropolis and the assembly.

Some residents say the mayor who once upon a time exhibited a “Mr nice Man” character has suddenly turned very arrogant and unconcerned to the cries of even ordinary traders and residents of Tamale anytime people complain about his inefficiency and incompetence at his job at the Tamale metropolitan assembly.

Many have also expressed guilt over how hard and unfair residents of Tamale Metropolis treated the former mayor, Iddrisu Musah Superior despite the initiatives and projects he was introducing during his tenure as MCE, but it is obvious to them that the current mayor hasn’t lived up to a quarter of what his predecessors did as MCEs.

Sule Salifu, who previously severed as Northern Regional Director of the Youth Employment Agency, and also a Director of Communications for the NPP in the Northern Region, at the beginning of his office, said he established a good rapport with the relevant stakeholders in the metropolis, and that he will make use of those associations to give the city a befitting facelift.

According to some journalists who attended the event, the MCE’s current performance has turned out to be the worse leadership Tamale ever witnessed and he will need to tighten his belt.

A man who once believed in broad consultation and stakeholder engagement as key strategies for development, the solicitation of varied views and concerns of traders in the major markets in Tamale, traditional and religious leaders to help him develop the metropolis is today very arrogant to traders, the journalists conceeded.

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