July 13, 2024
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Kennedy Agyapong is an NDC member, big liar pretending to be NPP ~ Chairman Samba

The Northern Region Chairman of NPP, Alhaji Mohammed Bantama Samba, has accused NPP’s Assin Central member of Parliament and Presidential aspirant for the leadership of the New Patriotic Party, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong of secretly working in favour of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) but consistently pretending to be a member of the NPP because he holds a party card.

According to Chairman Samba, Hon. Agyapong has a personality that lacks credibility and is noted to be a chronic liar. He says Kennedy Agyapong does not know what he is about and must never be taken seriously, because he is just an NDC aspirant claiming to be representing the NPP.

The Northern Region chairman indicated that Mr Agyapong is only out to campaign for the NDC and not interested in winning the flagbearership slot of the NPP, because while he was in the Northern region he never asked anybody to vote for him but only went around telling people the number of workers he has and number of businesses he created.

Speaking during a multi-radio broadcast across selected local stations including Radio Tamale 91.7 in response to the campaign tour of Mr. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong to Northern Region, Mr Samba further stated that Kennedy Agyapong has nothing beneficial for the party and has nothing to offer, the reason he can’t even convince delegates to vote for him.

He said the party is only following a formality to select a flag bearer, if not Bawumia would have been picked as the leader of the party through a popular acclamation and subsequently a president of Ghana.

Kennedy is our member of parliament but working for the NDC and just holding our party card pretending to be an NPP member, is clear. Nobody else can become a flagbearer in NPP apart from Bawumia and we’re breaking the 8 with him, Samba said.

Chairman Samba is however of the belief that the New Patriotic Party has lived beyond the thinking of people like Kennedy Agyapong and is high time he embraces that reality.

According to him, it is surprising to see Kennedy Agyapong going around the country campaigning after saying on several platforms that NPP would lose the election because they took Ghanaians back to an IMF program.

Kennedy said being in the IMF is like handing over power to the NDC, clearly he is not a man of wisdom because he was to be a wise person and a man of your word he wouldn’t have come back to join this race. He doesn’t go by his words.

I don’t even know where Kennedy’s house is, yet he goes about telling lies about me coming to his house. Kennedy doesn’t even know me, we meet at cabinet but I don’t go to greet Kennedy because I don’t need anything from Kennedy.

One day, at one of our NEC meetings I confronted him during after meeting and he was begging me and apologising to me profusely he couldn’t even recognise me and told him it was me, chairman Samba Northern region, you said I came to your house to beg for a contract. Have ever been to your house to pick up any cheques? I don’t even know your house, you need to apologise. Chairman Wuntumi and Chairman Nuru are my witnesses you can ask them.

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