July 19, 2024
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Kissi Agyebeng Is ‘Fooling’ Ghanaians With Cecilia Dapaah’s Case- Martin Amidu

Former Attorney General and Special Prosecutor, Martin A.B.K. Amidu, has accused Kissi Agyebeng, his successor of conning the public by claiming to defreeze the bank accounts and assets of Cecilia Dapaah, a former government official.

Amidu stated that Agyebeng’s actions are misleading since the court has not yet granted any order confirming the freezing of the accounts, and the issue is still pending before the High Court.

Amidu expressed disbelief at Agyebeng’s attempt to claim authority over the defreezing of five bank accounts, which are part of Agyebeng’s own pending application in the High Court regarding Dapaah’s assets.

He revealed that the High Court had previously declined to grant an order confirming the administrative freezing by the Special Prosecutor in July 2023.

Therefore, the issue of defreezing these bank accounts should be decided by the court, rather than the Special Prosecutor unilaterally deciding to revoke the freezing order.

Amidu criticized Agyebeng for conducting a trial of Dapaah in the court of public opinion and accused him of attempting to deceive the media and the public.

He highlighted that the pending application and the issues joined with the Respondents in the court hearings on October 12, 2023, have become sub judice.

Amidu emphasized that the proper procedure for Agyebeng would have been to apply to the court for the defreezing of the accounts and for the hearing on the remaining bank accounts to continue.

Amidu also raised concerns about Agyebeng’s conduct, including his petition to the Chief Justice requesting a change of judge, which eventually led to the abortion of the October 12 court hearing.

He stated that Agyebeng should have presented his arguments before the High Court instead of using the media to deceive the public.

Amidu concluded by reminding Agyebeng that his position as Special Prosecutor is governed by the law and is not equivalent to his previous role as counsel for the anti-corruption entrepreneurial Tiger Eye PI.

He called for Dapaah’s lawyers to hold Agyebeng accountable for his conduct in open court once the Chief Justice’s directives regarding the petition have been addressed and the substantive case is heard.

Overall, Amidu’s statement raises questions about Agyebeng’s actions as Special Prosecutor and the appropriateness of his conduct in handling the freezing and defreezing of accounts in the Cecilia Dapaah case.

By Vincent Kubi

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