June 13, 2024
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Kumbungu NDC seat is threatened – Former MP, Ras Mubarak

Former Member of Parliament for Kumbungu Constituency, Ras Mubarak is lamenting that the seat the opposition National Democratic Congress NDC currently occupies is threatened, indicating that it is likely to fall for the governing New Patriotic Party NPP).

He said this in a leaked audio currently in circulation on various social media platforms, where Alhaji Mubarak is purported to have said it in a WhatsApp group meant for only NDC members in the Kumbungu constituency.

“Some of you who still hold onto this Haruna-Inisah fight should drop it. Because it doesn’t work anymore. Those who were in Gushegu are aware of what I am saying. Lawyer Haruna himself said there is no more division in NDC in the Northern Region. From the horse’s own mouth”, Ras Mubarak said in the leaked audio.

“So if he says there’s no more division, why can’t you focus at your branch and work to make NDC progress. Except to stoke flames of discontent. That is hypocrisy. Kumbungu seat is under threat, and some of you are not worried or concerned. Yet you are so concerned about some people hate Lawyer Haruna. It is in nobody’s interest”, he added.

There has been rumors of internal wrangling in the Kumbungu NDC, which many political watchers believe can affect the electoral fortunes of the party going into the 2024 elections.

Many observers say the issue has to do with Haruna-Inisah’s beef is having a great toll on the progress of the party to retain the seat.

They say the disunity in the NDC actually costed the party so much in the last elections, as their votes in terms of parliamentary elections reduced drastically with the candidate wining by what people described as close margin.

The Kumbungu until 2020 elections was known to be a safe seat for NDC.

In 2016, the NDC’s candidate, Ras Mubarak got 18,777 votes, incumbent Moses Yahaya had 8,405 and their contender representing NPP polled 5,196 votes to become 3rd.

And in 2020, after Dr. Adam Hamza won the parliamentary primaries to represent the NDC, he polled 22,961 whiles his main contender representing NPP, Abdul Salam Hamza Fatawu had 17,144 indicating an increase in the latter’s votes and a difference of a little over 5,000 votes.

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