July 19, 2024
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Lack of unity stifles growth in Ghana’s music industry – Richie Mensah

Ace Music Producer and CEO of Lynx Entertainment, Richie Mensah has expressed concern over the lack of collaboration within the local music industry, identifying it as a major obstacle to its growth.

Richie Mensah believes this fragmentation has delayed the industry’s ability to keep pace with global music dynamics.

Speaking on the Citi Business Festival On-air series on the topic “The Music Business,” the music producer emphasised the need for industry players to unite in implementing solutions.

“There hasn’t been enough collaboration. What happens is that I may have a solution to just a little part of the problem. Someone else may also have another. When we come together, we solve the whole problem,” he explained.

He continued, “But we don’t sit in the same room; everyone just sits in their corner and tries to solve things on their own. I’m launching a project aimed at bringing the industry together, working collaboratively to find solutions that will have a lasting impact.

“If we keep sitting in our tiny corners and think we can fix the problems alone, it won’t be possible.”

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