July 16, 2024
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Lady making a meaningful difference in Northern Ghana

For a long time, African women around the world have been making a phenomenal impact in their communities and globally. They have been tenaciously changing the widely held belief that men are natural and better leaders than women.

Acknowledging and celebrating young women who are motivated by the gains of the elderly female leadership not only allows us to have better insight into the significant contributions of African women but we are also filled with hope that we can also make a difference in our ways within the community if we choose to arise!

Women and non-binary people have been historically shut out from access to and opportunities within education, politics, healthcare, the workforce, and other areas. But we are now at a tipping point in history. I’m excited to see influential decision-making politicians, celebrities, religious leaders, and other notable cultural figures stand up for gender equality.

I’m particularly hoping to see gender equality activists increasingly embrace intersectionality, as it legitimizes the movement as necessarily compatible with other movements, such as anti-racism, LGBTQ+ rights, environmentalism, rights, economic justice, and politics.

Women around the world are overcoming discrimination, prejudice and inequality to lead the way in creating a more equal world.

Here is Naa Kwarley, widely known in media circumference in Northern Ghana as one of the young ladies with the power to move heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks through media advocacy. Emerging as the only female event organizer with jurisdiction over one of the most competitive award schemes across the five capital regions in Northern Ghana.

Often referred to as the contemporary day ‘Yaa Asantewaa’ within the echelon of the events industry. She has been able to use her influence and numerous event platforms to promote sanity within the Media ecosystem in the North. By providing mentorship and support, Naa Kwarley has become a force to reckon with in bringing about change among the youth, most especially the female gender.

She has grown from an employer to an advocate and investor, an encouragement to young women within her workplace to become more vibrant, innovative, and just. As we celebrate this young inspiration who is helping make a difference, others are also called upon to join the lead of women in development.

CEO of 5 different companies, founder of Walk4Tities a breast cancer advocacy project across Northern Ghana and also Founder and Lead Organizer of the Northern Radio Awards, the only radio award scheme in Northern Ghana. She is described as a strong, hardworking, fun, easy going and sociable person and a parent.

Like Naa Kwarley, a Communications Specialist, Events strategist, Media consultant and Businesswoman, we say congratulations and best wishes to all young women working hard to make a difference in their little ways.

God specifically elevates women to various positions of influence and uses them to advance the work of His kingdom. The Lord desires that we yield ourselves to Him in complete reliance, acknowledging that without Christ we can do nothing. God wants His children to trust that His Spirit will help us fulfil the special assignment He has selected. Bottom line, He is calling each one of us to be Difference Makers for our generation!

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By Fuseini Safianu

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