July 13, 2024
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Land guards kill one, 3 wounded in attack at Tebu in Ga South

One person was fatally shot and three others are currently undergoing treatment following an attack by land guards at a construction site in Tebu, located in the Ga South municipality.

The armed land guards demanded a GH₵4,000 digging fee, but the workers explained they had already paid another group of land guards the previous Thursday.

According to Accra-based Citi News, when the workers refused to pay again, the landguards opened fire, resulting in one death and three injuries.

One of the survivors, Felix Akunnor was wounded in the foot.

He recounted that the land guards initially confronted them about working on the land without paying the digging fee.

Assemblyman for the Danchera electoral area, Ebenezer Ahortor explained that land guards have been terrorising residents for years, despite numerous complaints to authorities.

Mr Ahortor mentioned that he has repeatedly reported incidents of land guard attacks on developers to the Danchera police station, but no action has been taken due to inadequate resources for crime prevention.

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