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Legon Hook-Up Girl Seeks Help Against ‘Evil Monsters’ After Using ‘Kayanmata’

Desperation could cause many to embrace anything that life throws at them, but accepting blindly could place you on a 160km/hr highway to hell.

Some ladies are driven by the desire to survive in an abject poverty-stricken family.

In contrast, others want an extravagant, glitzy and glamorous life that the richest, like Françoise Bettencourt Meyers, may probably envy and turn a blind eye to.

Naya, a 23-year-old lady in Accra, falls in the category of the latter group of millennials who will do everything to turn fantasies of living in a castle built in the sky or riding a £114.4 million Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupé on a golden street, into reality.

Naya is an average Ghanaian girl with an empty purse, so she became a money-hungry vampire, focusing on any man with a loaded pocket to fuel her lavish desires.

The only way to suck lusty men dry was to seek supernatural powers to control, command and feed on the wealth of her victims.

Her plug was ‘Kayanmata’, she revealed.

The Ghana Report caught up with Naya on the cold, rainy Saturday morning of July 16, 2023, along the muddy paths of the Madina market in Accra.

She appeared rugged and shabbily dressed in a sack-like knee-length straight dress.

She is beautiful, tall, and dark.

Naya was born into a middle-class family.

According to her, she appeared to have it all, considering her physical features, but her hunger for a ‘soft life’ led her to her doom.

“Whilst in level 200 at the University of Ghana, I saw my mates driving big cars and wearing the best wigs, but all my parents could afford for me was my fees and just enough money to keep me in school,” she started her story.

In her quest to enjoy the same life, which she described as the dominant lifestyle of most female students on campus, she sought assistance from a friend she identified as Bibi.

Introduction to hook-up

“I walked to one of the ladies I admired who was living ‘large’ on campus. She initially told me she was from a rich home, hence her lifestyle, but little did I know that all that was a lie,” she said,

Three months later, Naya discovered Bibi was a hook-up girl but deceived her into believing she was from a wealthy family.

“Bibi then opened up to me about her true source of lavish lifestyle,” she narrated. “She told me she’s a hook-up girl. She sleeps with men for money, hence her lavish lifestyle”.

All Naya wanted was to live like a “big girl” on campus, so she never thought about the consequences of hook-up.

“Fast forward, I asked her to coach me. I was eager to make money for myself and live like a big girl, too,” she said.

After Naya was introduced into the hook-up business, she realised that it wasn’t rosy and encountered men who would sleep with her and would not want to pay the agreed amount for her services.

kayanmata products

At that point, Naya wanted to quit, but that was when Bibi returned with lots of goodies.

“My friend always returned with good reports every time she returned from her rounds, and she was earning over 100% of how much I earned in a month in days”.

Dejected, torn apart, and with a broken spirit amidst tears, she wondered how her less attractive friend could be making fortunes while she had to scramble for peanuts.

“Sometimes, I had to discount my clients before they patronised me. At other times, I must call the customers I had fought to patronise me again. Sincerely, business became very slow at my end,” she explained.

In contrast, business was booming for Bibi.

Spiritual Kayanmaya Products
Spiritual Kayanmaya Products

“She received about three car gifts in just five months – a Range Rover, a Honda Civic and a Kia Sorento. At that point, I knew she was doing something I wasn’t doing, so I asked her to teach me the business in detail so I could earn as much as she was earning”.

According to Naya, that was when Bibi disclosed that she was using ‘kayanmata’ and could take her to meet her ‘plug’.

“Bibi told me to prepare, so she takes me to a herbalist who provides her with her ‘kayanmata’. Initially, I was scared at the mention of a herbalist and ‘kayanmata’, but she explained that a herbalist is different from a fetish priest. Hence, I shouldn’t be worried,” she recounted.

She was so eager to make money, so on the day they visited the herbalist, she had to wake up at 4 a.m. to wait for Bibi, who got ready around 8 a.m.

“After waiting for days, it was finally time for us to visit the herbalist. I thought whatever the herbalist was going to give me was for ‘wetness and sweetness’, but to my surprise, the woman herbalist gave me some oil and face powder and instructed me to use it whenever I meet my clients.”

Naya explained that she only knew ‘kayanmata’ as wetness and sweetness products but never heard of the oils and other products; hence, she was shocked.

The location of the supposed herbalist looked like a ghost town. However, the herbalist’s home was like a castle.

Additionally, she was shocked when the herbalist told her the ‘kayanmata’ was free.

“Immediately, I asked Bibi if that was how her own ‘kayanmata’ was, but she gave me an angry look. I then returned to the herbalist and asked how much the ‘kayanmata’ would cost me, but she replied NOTHING! I was scared and shocked at the same time but tried to keep my composure”.

kayanmata beads

Just as Christians give a tenth of their income to God through tithes, Naya revealed that the herbalist also demanded a tenth of the money she makes from her hook-up business.

“I felt at peace at the mention of the 10% because I don’t believe in ‘free lunch’. I thanked her and left the place with Bibi,” Naya added.

 Monsters, horrific creatures and nights at the cemetery

“I have never in my life gotten the attention I received after applying the oil and powder. Men were giving me money anyhow, physically and even online. It became so much that I had to even switch off my phones,” She claimed.

After two weeks, she started seeing different images of herself whenever she looked in the mirror.

According to her, she saw things that were entirely different from herself, including monsters and scary creatures.

According to Naya, she told Bibi, who asked if she had paid the 10% of the income she earned to the herbalist.

“We quickly went to see the herbalist, and I gave her the 10% of the money I earned. She was very happy to see us. I told her what I saw in my mirror, and she said that since I haven’t been protecting myself spiritually in the hook-up business, someone has taken my destiny; hence, if I want everything to become normal again, I must also snatch someone’s destiny,” she said.

“It was too diabolic for me, so I ran out of the place back to my apartment”.

Shortly after she visited the herbalist, she started falling sick and vomited blood.

She had no option but to return to the herbalist for a remedy.

“She gave me a waist bead and said whenever I have sex with any man, I automatically take their wealth spiritually; hence, any man I sleep with is doomed for life,” she narrated.

But that remedy, according to Naya, had its shortfalls, and there are times she flees from some men because they are also spiritually fortified.

“Whenever I meet up with any man who is spiritually fortified, the waist beads turn black, so I don’t follow such men to their homes or hotels for hook-up.”

According to Naya, the dreadful aspect of this whole situation is that, recently, the herbalist summoned her and Bibi to her house and commanded them to sleep in graveyards every Friday.

“I am so scared. I have visited almost all the churches I think can help me, but to no avail. I can’t sleep at a cemetery. Please, I need help,” she cried out.

Source: Edinam Sablah

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