June 23, 2024
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Lessons Unlearned: Sport Writer Decry Lack of Accountability in Ghanaian Football

Following the devastating stadium disaster at the Accra Sports Stadium on May 9th, 2001, which claimed 127 lives and left many injured, sports writer Mohammed Issah (Rossoneri Selecao) has expressed his frustration that no lessons have been learned from the incident.

He believes that the culture of letting culprits of crowd rowdism, hooliganism, and other forms of misconduct in Ghanaian football off the hook does not inspire confidence in the authorities’ ability to handle issues that may lead to another stadium disaster.

Speaking on Radio Tamale’s “Build Up” program, Mohammed urged club owners and management to take responsibility for educating their fans on the tenets of the game and the need to act responsibly at various stadia.

He emphasized that the fight against hooliganism, crowd rowdism, and stadium disasters requires the collective efforts of fans, clubs, the football association, and other relevant stakeholders in the football ecosystem.

Sharing similar sentiments, sports journalist Prince Tamakloe expressed disappointment in the football association and the club licensing board for their lack of punitive punishment against stakeholders who engage in misconduct at the various stadia.

According to Tamakloe, the surest way to averting a future occurrence of a stadium disaster like the one on May 9th is for the football association and the club licensing board to be firm in carrying out their responsibilities and dishing out punitive measures to offenders to deter others from engaging in activities that have the potential to escalate into disasters.

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