June 18, 2024
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Letter to delegates in the Northern Region ahead of the regional executives election

Dear respected delegates of the NDC in the Northern region. It is me, a concerned member of the NDC reaching you from Gumani . It is in peace I am reaching you everywhere you are within the eighteen (18) constituencies . It is about the forward match and growth of our noble party ( NDC) I am writing to you this letter.

Need not I say it that in some few days, we shall converge in Tamale to decide who man the affairs of the party in the region from 2023 to 2026 if Allah still permits the world to that time. I refer to the usage of “we” because the decision you will make that day will be representing every NDC person in the region. Whereas some see it as a herculean task, I see it as a simple one because I know that you are very discerning and know what is best in the interest of the party. I know you people will never make any mistake at all in deciding who leads what position in the region.

Dear Delegates, I cannot decide for you who you should vote for but I will plead that you should consider the forward match and development of the party in the region before casting your vote for whoever you want or to lead the party in whatever position in the party. I am cocksure you are very much aware that the kind of leadership of every organization or society determines its success or otherwise and that for us to consolidate our gains in 2024 in the region or dwindle it will be dependent on the caliber of people who will lead the party as its regional executives.

To be frank, we have a difficult task to accomplish in 2024. That is to win the general election for JDM and all his MPs across the region. I foresee the fight to be tougher in the Northern region. It is a fact that the NPP in the region is yet to come to terms with the performance of the them in the region.

From all indications, the NPP is marshaling all efforts and forces at its disposal to save the NPP from sinking in the region. They will want to maintain the 9 seats they won. The NPP as typical of them will use violence, propaganda and any means Machiavellian to achieve their aim.

Dear delegates, let’s get for our party leaders that can go into the trenches with them, leaders that are media vociferous and apt in communication and can dispel every lie and propaganda of the NPP in the region. Our region was the talked about region of all the regions after the 2020 elections because of our failure to win more parliamentary seat. We were in the gutters with the NPP, they displayed every propaganda of theirs, the NPP properly communicated their propaganda in the last general elections and matched us boot for boot. To me, these and many more were the reasons why we had such low performance in the region.

Our kingmakers, respectfully, I have always said this and I will continue to say it that you know what is best for the party in terms of the selection of leaders but one area I will like to suggest to you to critically consider before casting your vote for any of the candidate is his or her level of fortitude and urge to point out wrongdoings to the national executives and the next presidency when the need arises.

And one who can look into the face of the appointees in the region and point it to them when their actions and inactions are detrimental to the party and the next NDC government. A leader who can put the appointees in the region on their toes to work for the interest of the party, especially the foot soldiers.

Please get for us leaders who will not hesitate to call on the president or any authority possible to sack any appointee in the region whose activities are not to the growth and development of the party. We are pleading with you to get us leaders who will remember any appointee of the next NDC government who will forget that he or she is in the office because of the struggles of the footsoldiers.

It is also my humble appeal that you vote against anybody who cannot boast of grooming or nurturing anybody in the region in the game of politics. I am pleading with you never to vote for anybody who has nobody in the region who looks up to him or her for inspiration and those who give out the opportunities meant for us in the region to others.

Please consider us and the region at large before casting your vote.

Thank You.

A concern member
Comrade Homeboy
Branch Secreatry.
Tamale North.

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