June 14, 2024
P.O.Box 613ER Gombilla House, Lamashegu Market, Tamale, Northern Region

Livestock dealers in the Central Region are complaining about business slowing down ahead of Christmas.

With a few days away from Christmas patronage of their business has not been as they usually expected.

Compared to years back, the livestock market in Kasoa would have been busy with brisk activities taking place. People would visit the market to either window shop or engage in the purchase of livestock in advance. But the case is different as these dealers are seen idling. Some of them are engaged in playing games while others even take a nap.

The dealers who are worried about the all-time low sales blame the prevailing economic hardship.

According to Alhaji Musah Issah, the Kasoa Chief Butcher, the depreciation of the Cedi against other currencies is also affecting their business and accounting for high prices of livestock as a larger percentage of the animals are imported.

At the market, a fully grown cow that used to sell at GHC 20,000 is now sold between GHC 50,000 and 60,000. Prices of goats now range between GHC800 and 1,000 depending on their weight.

The Chief Butcher says Ghana has not done well in the production of livestock and is suggesting a deliberate policy to target that.

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