July 19, 2024
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Maggot infested rice being fed to SHS students – Nortsu-Kotoe

The Ranking member of the Education Committee of Parliament, Peter Nortsu-Kotoe, is calling for an investigation into the distribution of approximately 300,000 bags of rice, suspected to be infested with maggots, to Senior High Schools.

The legislator alleges that the rice, imported since 2021, remained uncleared at the ports due to high import duties, causing them to reach their expiry date.

He urges the Food and Drugs Authority, the Ministry of Education, and other relevant stakeholders to investigate the matter, expressing concerns about potential negative health implications for students.

“There is this rice which was imported into the country in 2021 and has been kept at the warehouse all this time. My investigation shows that the inability of the importers of rice from India to pay the import duties resulted in the rice being stored there.

“Then, a few weeks ago, this rice was taken out of the warehouse and distributed to secondary schools in the country. That is why I have brought this matter to the highest level, Parliament. It is now left for those who are responsible to go and conduct their own investigation and find out how the rice got to the schools. As I have made the allegation, it is for them to investigate and report back whether my claim is true or not.”

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