July 16, 2024
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Man leaves wife after she gives birth to 5th pair of twins

A Ugandan man allegedly packed his bags and left his growing family after his wife recently gave birth to their fifth pair of twins.

While some people would give anything to have one child, let alone two, others have no problem abandoning their offspring. Case in point, a Ugandan man who couldn’t cope with the fact that his wife recently gave birth to their fifth set of twins.

Nalongo Gloria never underwent IVF treatments to get pregnant, yet she can’t stop having twins.

The Ugandan woman recently brought her ninth and tenth children into this world, which reportedly made her husband, Ssalongo pack up his things and leave, saying that “it wasn’t normal” and that he couldn’t take care of her and their children anymore.

“When I got pregnant with twins again, my man said this was too much for him and told me to go home,” Nalongo Gloria said in an interview.

“Where he was sending me, I didn’t have their numbers anymore because I came to Kampala to work as a house girl. He told me that if I can’t produce one child, he can’t take care of me.”

One day, when she came home, the woman realized that her husband had packed up his belongings and left. She hasn’t heard from him since and is struggling to take care of her children. Still, she doesn’t regret anything and places her faith in God.

“I don’t regret giving birth to all these children. I know their father doesn’t like them, but I can’t abandon them. Despite the challenges, I will never abandon my kids. I know God will provide,” Gloria said. “I have suffered, but God knows best.”

Nalongo currently lives with seven of her children, after the eldest pair of twins left the nest, and one of her other children tragically died. They face an uncertain future, as the landlord recently told the woman he no longer wants her or her “baggage”.

Nalongo’s unusually fertile womb reminds us of Uganda’s most fertile woman who made international headlines for giving birth to no less than 44 children by age 40.

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