June 21, 2024
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Man lynched for allegedly stealing VIP branded bus at Asofo

A man believed to be in his thirties, has died after a mob beat him for allegedly stealing a bus from the VIP bus station at Asafo in Kumasi.

The man who went to the bus station, reportedly sat behind the steering wheel of the VIP-branded bus and drove it away.

The bus conductor who was relaxing somewhere, realised the bus had been moved and found a motorbike to chase it.

Assembly Member for Dadiesoaba electoral area, Mr Akwasi Agyeman narrating the incident to Class FM’s Ashanti Regional Correspondent, Elisha Adarkwah said: “It’s true a certain man went to steal a bus from the VIP bus station. When he went, the mate was sleeping somewhere close to the bus and as soon as he realised someone had moved the bus, he jumped on a motorbike and chased the bus.

“When he got to GRA, the hill there, he needed to climb but because the bus also moves with air and apparently there was not enough air to keep it going because he didn’t get the chance to fill it with air before moving it, he got stuck and the mate was able to catch up with him,” the assembly man explained.

According to the Assembly Member, the mate shouted to attract a crowd who later, lynched the alleged thief.

 “When the mate shouted to attract the crowd, he [victim] attempted to get down and run away, he tried going back but run into someone’s vehicle. So people came and beat him up. The mob beat him up,” the assembly member said.

“It looks like now things are difficult in the country. They steal motorbikes, bicycles but today it was a bus,” he added. 

The body has been taken to the morgue by the Asokwa Police.

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