April 17, 2024
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Men are born to rule, ‘Stomach’ certain things – Rev Charlotte Oduro challenges women

In a time where domestic violence is taking precedence in discussions in the public sphere, Counsellor Charlotte Oduro asking women to accept certain unfavourable behaviours from men is raising eyebrows.

According to the marriage counsellor, peace in the house is determined by a woman’s appetite to condone certain things from her husband. Lady Rev. Charlotte Oduro explained the responsibility of a woman as one who holds the household together.

“If a household will stand, it depends on the woman ‘swallowing’(allowing) certain things for peace to reign in the house. Because sometimes men are egoistic. And if you want to deal with him according to his ego, there can never be peace at home because they are born to rule. Every man is born to rule,” she said.

Counselor Charlotte continued to give reasons for the importance of women in a man’s life. And also why choosing the right partner is very crucial. She disclosed, “Men are most influenced by women. So if the man gets a good woman, the man will go far. If he gets a bad woman, he’s dead.”

The death of a Nigerian gospel singer sparked conversations about domestic abuse with the slogan, “Leave to live”, dominating the airwaves.

Source: 3news.com

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