July 24, 2024
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My cabinet will be made of 60% youth – Alan Kyerematen

Independent presidential candidate, Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen, says in his quest to achieve a government of national unity, he is committed to reserving 60% of his ministerial and government appointments to young people.

An additional 50% of senior government positions would also be reserved for women, he said in an exclusive interview with JoyNews’ Evans Mensah.

According to him, his interest is to bring young people and women in particular to the centre of the nation’s governance structure to drive the kind of development citizens yearn for.

“And the important thing to note is that because my movement is led by the youth and powered by the youth, I have made a commitment that 60% of my cabinet ministers and government appointees will be young people.

“And 50% of those occupying senior positions will be women. So I’m just a transition candidate. My interest is to bring young people and women in particular to the centre of our governance structure,” he said.

Alan Kyerematen who believes an independent candidate who becomes president would bring the necessary healing and reconciliation to Ghana’s fractured politics, says he is determined to make his unity government one that reflects all facets of Ghana’s society.

“I am promoting a government of national unity where people from all walks of life; rich, poor, young, old, abled, disabled or physically challenged, people from the business community, people from media, people from academia, those who have something to offer to our country.

“I want us to have a united governance mechanism and structure so that in parliament, you’ll have ministers who I have appointed from NPP, you have ministers who I have appointed from NDC, from CPP, people who are apolitical and I believe that they have the competence and the talent to help Ghana, they’re part of my cabinet so we think together.

“It’s one national agenda. So the national agenda is a great transformational plan. So we all work together and if we have programmes we take it to parliament. In parliament, there’s no basis for quarrels because the representatives of NPP in the cabinet are there.

“So 50% or more should come from parliament, some of them will come from the NPP, some of them will come from the NDC, the CPP, the smaller parties, people who are apolitical and I would say 50% more ministers to kind of bring from outside politics,” he said.

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