July 16, 2024
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N/R Chairmanship: ‘You’re ignorant about NDC’s constitution’ ~ I.K Seini schools T.T Kamara

A Member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Northern Region, I.K Seini has pulled out portions of the party’s constitution in a bid to school his colleague T.T Kamara over the appointment of an acting regional chairman of the party for the Northern region. 

This follows a release issued on Wednesday, August 17, 2022, and signed by one T.T Kamara purporting to be an aid to the Northern Region NDC 1st vice-chair Alhaji Rufai Velim over an earlier circular endorsing 2nd Vice Mr. Ali Adolf John as acting regional chairman of the party.

On Tuesday, August 16, 2022, the late Chairman of NDC in the Northern Region, Alhaji Ibrahim Mobila passed on after a short illness at the Tamale Teaching Hospital

The NDC Executive Committee in the region on Wednesday unanimously settled on Hon Ali Adolf as acting Northern regional chairman. 

However, a section of the party in the region did not receive the decision of the executives kindly, compelling T.T Kamara to put out a disclaimer seeking to quash the endorsement. 

In his statement, Chairman Velim’s aid is “calling on the media and members of the party to disregard it and “treat it with the contempt it deserves”.

Responding to the disclaimer in a social media post, I.K Seini published portions of the NDC’s party constitution which sort to affirm the decision of the executive committee.

You guys are wasting our data with this stuff. Can’t you read and make meaning ahhhh? I.K Seini added. 

Per article 49: (2) (3) of the NDC’s constitution;

Where there are more than one vice chair or deputies, the party at the level shall elect one of the vice chair or deputies to occupy the vacant executive position until the next election.

In accordance with Islamic tradition, the late Ibrahim Mobila was buried on the night of Tuesday, hours after his death. Until his demise, the late NDC regional chairman was also the chief of Tugu Yapalsi.

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Story By: Abdulai Rafiq

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