June 13, 2024
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N/R : Dede Ayew provides foodstuffs to 200 needy Muslims for Ramadan

The captain of the senior national team, the Black Stars of Ghana, Andre Dede Ayew, has provided foodstuffs to 200 needy Muslims to enable them go through the fasting period. The beneficiaries who were given a bag of rice and a gallon of cooking oil each. Dede Ayew made the donation on behalf of the Ayew Family, which is usual of him to support the underprivileged annually to always complete their fast and celebrate Eid.

The presentation was done on his behalf by his friend Abdul Razak a.k.a. DJ Carlos at the jubilee park today Wednesday, April 12. It will be recalled that during Covid pandemic, he provided sanitizers, nose mask and veronica buckets to Ghanaians. An Imam in the person of Afa Hudu was there for Islamic guidance and as key witness and to pray for Dede Ayew and the Ayew family. The beneficiaries were happy and prayed to God to continue blessing the Ghanaian player.

Story by Fuseini Safianu

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