June 13, 2024
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National Security Intensifies Surveillance At Ghana-Burkina Faso Border

National security has stepped up surveillance at the country’s border with neighbouring Burkina Faso following the arrest of some alleged refugees dressed as nursing mothers.

A thorough search revealed hidden weapons and ammunition carried by the individuals.

Their purpose in Ghana is unknown; however, Deputy Defence Minister Kwaku Amankwa-Manu says the development has compelled the security agencies to tighten the search for asylum seekers.

Speaking in an interview on July 16, Mr Amankwa-Manu said the government would not sacrifice the safety of Ghanaians for the rights of the asylum seekers in its quest to safeguard the borders of the country.

“So, we need to be on the lookout. We have the Ghanaian people to protect; we have properties to protect. We cannot say that because we want to be compassionate, we will not look at the security of our nation,” he explained.

According to the minister, there is a need to screen asylum seekers, but if they genuinely deserve assistance, the ministry, based on the 1951 refugee convention, “will do what is expected of us, but when you don’t, then we also advise ourselves.”

“I have seen pictures of women carrying babies, some less than a year, and as part of their luggage, you’ll be surprised some are carrying ammunition, and then you have guns and other things hidden in certain parts of cattle and all that by the man, husband,” he claimed.

The ranking member on the Defence and Interior Committee of Parliament, James Agalga, says the government has every right to screen the refugees but should be mindful of international treaties that protect the rights of asylum seekers.

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