July 16, 2024
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NDC government in 2025 will be different one ~ Henry Osei Akoto

An aspirant to the national organizer position of the National Democratic Congress; Henry Osei Akoto has declared with utmost surety, the formation and distinction of the next NDC government in 2025 from all other previous governmental administrations of the same party.

It is his considered view that, while majority of the Ghanaian masses are currently bearing the brunt of the tormenting hardships prevalent in the economy, president Akufo Ado and his familial cabal are living lavishly, oblivious of the hopeless predicaments of the ordinary citizens by whose thumbs, he got power.

Speaking on a programme on Radio Gold, Mr. Akoto opined that a large number of electorate, including himself, were deceived by Akufo Addo’s feigning patriotism and others lured by his lofty promises and mouth-watering policies into voting for him, only for his ascension to the presidential throne be the dawn of denigrating the very people who voted for him, like teachers and chiefs.

Also contained in his submission on the programme is the allegation of the pervasion of political profiteering in the Akufo-Addo-Bawumia administration into which the president and his cronies engage with impunity, this he said is per the information available to the NDC from sources within the Ghana Revenue Authority and the Flagstaff house.  

It is in the light of these developments, the former NDC parliamentary candidate for the Oforikrom constituency is doubtless of the NDC’s victory in the next general elections and subsequent formation of government in 2025.

A government he said, will be different from previous NDC administrations which will prosecute all persons caught up in the web of corruption allegations and those found guilty, dealt in accordance with law.

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