June 13, 2024
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NDC urges EC to extend limited voter registration exercise

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is appealing to the Electoral Commission (EC) to extend the limited voter registration exercise for people who are yet to register due to the Commission’s challenges.

The EC commenced the exercise in all district offices in September and the exercise is expected to end today, October 2.

In a press briefing, the EC disclosed that it has registered over 600,000 eligible voters.

However, a deputy General Secretary of the NDC, Mustapha Gbande, told Citi News that the EC must ensure that all eligible applicants are registered before the exercise ends.

Mr Gbande indicated that people have queued for days at some registration centres and they must be allowed to register before the exercise ends.

“If you go to some centres, there are people who have been there in the last four days trying to register, and they have taken care of their own feeding and accommodation and one would expect that the EC would have a space for these people to be registered at least before the exercise comes to an end. So we expect that there should be places where they bring in more machines and workforce to ensure that they finish the people in the queue without having to send them back home.”

“If you go to a place like Asuogyaman, people have been in queues in the last four days, and the arrangements they have there is that you come and write your name and when it is time, then you come and register and so all these people assume that they are in a queue.”

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