April 16, 2024
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Neutrality allowance should be extended to all public sector workers – TUC

The Spokesperson for the Trade Union Congress, Naa Ayeley Ardayfio has called for the extension of the so-called neutrality allowance to all members of the public sector.

According to her, the name of the allowance, which has been largely considered controversial, should not take away the substance and significance of the allowance to the average public sector worker.

She stated that just as other workers have risk allowances, it was necessary for all public sector workers to be compensated for the opportunity cost of the work they do at their various stations.

Speaking on JoyNews’ PM Express, she said, “Because the reference was made of GBC that for instance radiation allowance, and then I have worked in GBC before so I know about night and risk allowances. You have people working the whole night through, and move into the studio at night to work when everybody is asleep.

“If you didn’t give them night allowance, or they were working with machines, or they were working with transmitters, etc. that we know has high levels of radiation, if you didn’t give them that, what would you give them?

“And so we need to look at the specifics and then we can ascribe whatever compensation there is to it. I mean, we have had situations where workers for instance are taken for granted, and it gets to the point that you as an ordinary worker say to yourself ‘no more of this’.

“You know whatever name is put to it, whatever or however it is termed, there are substances to these things and that is what we need to look at. If people have worked and they deserve for you to give them a risk or neutrality or however you want to call it, please let’s go to the substance of the issue and stop putting names to them,” she said.

Meanwhile, the government after a meeting with the Civil and Local Government Staff Association of Ghana (CLOGSAG) has agreed to commence the payment of the Neutrality allowance by the last quarter of 2022.

This follows a strike action embarked on by CLOGSAG members to protest the government’s failure to pay the allowance starting February 2022 as earlier promised.

The government, however, through the Head of Loca Government Services, Dr. Nana Ato Arthur has expressed its discontentment with the name of the allowance.

Dr. Ato Arthur said “forget about the terminology that we called it because that terminology or nomenclature doesn’t sit well with us as government. So let’s have a team to look at how it is going to be called. However that allowance we’ll give to you effective the last quarter of the year.”

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