June 18, 2024
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NextGen Infraco 5G deal: Cutting MTN off won’t fix market imbalance – Digital Entrepreneur

Digital Entrepreneur Derek Nii Laryea has raised doubts about rectifying the market imbalance if the government excludes Mobile Telecommunications Network (MTN) from the 5G deal due to its significant presence in Ghana.

His comment comes in the wake of the government’s recent announcement to introduce 5G, with NextGen Infraco being the chosen recipient of the deal.

MTN’s significance in the telecom industry has sparked debate among stakeholders who believe it should have been considered for the 5G contract.

In an interview with Bernard Avle on ChannelOne TV’s The Point of View, Nii Laryea questioned, “Do we think that if we cut MTN off from 5G, it means that it will fix the market imbalance? I think no. What is the outcome of MTN’s dominance? MTN’s monopoly doesn’t disturb me or you. You just want quality service.”

He noted that MTN’s dominance in the industry does not pose a threat to other competitors.

Nii Laryea commended MTN for its investments over the years, which have positively influenced its market share in Ghana.

He argued that MTN should not be held responsible for the hesitation of investors to invest in the country.

“I agree that we want to manage MTN’s dominance, but the first thing we need to ask ourselves is, is the dominance hurting my mother in the village, or is it hurting my dad in Accra? I am not concerned even if MTN has 90% of the market and other players have decided to share 10% amongst themselves.

“Especially when MTN didn’t physically beat them and collect the shares from them or took the market shares from the floor.

He added, “It was won through a dent of hard work and investments. The same investments that they all have. Some of these telcos are listed I think between the top 5 telcos in the world. I mean their mother bodies. So, if they have not seen Ghana as a profitable market to invest in, I don’t think it’s MTN’s fault.

“MTN’s sin is that they said they are interested in the market and will put money in it…Like I’m saying, their dominance is not hurting anybody.”

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