July 25, 2024
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Nollywood comic icon Mr. Ibu appeals for public support amidst amputation fears

From his hospital bed, the Nollywood veteran actor made the heartfelt plea on Wednesday. In a video shared on his Instagram page, Mr. Ibu revealed that he has been hospitalized for several weeks.

Speaking about the gravity of his ailment, he disclosed that his doctors have warned him that amputation might be the last resort if all other options are exhausted.

His daughter, Jasmine Okafor, also spoke, expressing concern that Mr. Ibu’s condition is not showing signs of improvement and that his financial resources have been depleted. She therefore urged compassionate individuals to assist in facilitating his treatment abroad.

Accompanying the video, Mr Ibu included a message: “Dear Good people of Nigeria, we are counting on your support at these points we need it the most.”

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