June 20, 2024
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North East Region: Police clash with residents of Loagri over alleged robbery; 10 injured

Tensions flared in Loagri in the Yagaba/Kubori Constituency as residents clashed with police over the custody of an alleged motorbike thief.

The incident, fueled by frustration over rising motorbike thefts during market days, resulted in gunshots and ten reported injuries.

Loagri residents have been plagued by an increasing number of motorbike thefts, particularly on market days. This latest incident began on Wednesday when a suspect, already on the wanted list, attempted to steal a motorbike at the bustling market.

The alleged thief was caught in the act and chased by the motorbike owner and onlookers. He sought refuge in a nearby house, drawing the attention of angry residents eager to see justice served.

The house owner locked the door to protect the suspect, while residents demanded access. Police, patrolling the market due to its frequent theft problems, arrived on the scene to secure the stolen motorbike. However, they faced resistance from the angry crowd who feared the suspect would escape punishment.

The situation escalated as residents and police clashed. An eyewitness report indicates confusion over the police’s actions, with residents questioning why they didn’t immediately apprehend the suspect. Feeling their concerns were ignored, residents grew increasingly frustrated.

To disperse the crowd, police resorted to firing warning shots. In response, some residents threw stones, prompting the police to fire in their direction. Tragically, ten people were injured in the crossfire.

The situation in Loagri remains tense. The injured are receiving medical attention, and an investigation into the incident is underway.

The alleged motorbike thief is now in police custody.

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