June 24, 2024
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Northern youth angry with tourism minister for neglecting Faila’s Cook A-Thon

A section of the youth in Northern Region are expressing anger over what they described as “silence” of the Tourism Minister, Dr. Mohammed Awal who is a native of Kumbungu in the Northern Region.

One post on social media sighted by Radio Tamale from a user identified as Tarimbia Saani on Facebook wrote, “A Tourism Minister “AT LARGE”; when tourism is at his doorstep? Aaarrrrhh well!”

Another one by Nyass Ghazale Mahamudu wrote the following :

The world eyes is on Northern Ghana now, children,men,women, religious leaders, traditional leaders including the head of Dagbong Ndan Yaa Naa ears & eyes are on our sister Faila as she attempts to break and set a new records on the Guinness book.

I can state that, citizens across the country including prominent politicians , celebrities etc have all travelled  from their base to the North to show our sister Faila their love and support.

Yesterday, Ghana Chief of Staff and her delegation were in the North to show their love for our sister. H. E. the Vice and the leader of the NPP send his delegation to show his support for her.

The biggest questions which saddened me ever since this event started is the absence of our very own brother who is also the Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture Dr, Alhaji Mohammed Awal. As a true son of the North, his presences and attention were needed from the opening ceremony of the event.

If am right, this special event falls under his ministry. The few questions I want to find out from the management of Faila are:

1.Is that they didn’t include the Tourism Ministry as part of their organization to set the event?

2.Have they been able to reach out to Dr,Awal for his personal support for the event?

We demand explanations from Faila management before we set the stage to call for the resignation of Dr, Mohammed Awal from office.

We can not allow some characters to continue to undermine the development and success of our region. Dr, Awal must face the consequences if it is establish that, he intentional downplay this special event which is to project the name of his own land of birth and Ghana at large.

Until than, I am waiting for response from the management of Faila on this issue.
Thank You.


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