July 20, 2024
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NPP’s chances of ‘breaking the 8’ with Bawumia as flagbearer very slim – Alan Kyerematen

Founder of the Movement for Change and aspiring Independent Presidential Candidate for the 2024 general election, Alan Kyerematen, has expressed scepticism about the governing New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) chances of retaining power, deeming them minimal.

He insisted that the majority of Ghanaians are disheartened by President Akufo-Addo’s leadership.

Mr Kyerematen who was speaking in an interview with the Daily Ghanaian Guide on Monday, November 6, pointed out that while the NPP’s slogan of ‘Break the Eight’ is being advocated, it doesn’t resonate with the pressing concerns of most Ghanaians, particularly regarding economic challenges and unemployment.

He also noted that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) does not present a credible alternative, leading him to emphasize the importance of a ‘Third Force’ in Ghana’s political landscape.

“Well, the emerging chorus and narrative from the Party for ‘Unity’ to Break the Eight, has very little relevance to the loud public demand for change in the political leadership of our country, to respond to the critical challenges of our time. The call to Break the Eight does not reflect the everyday concerns of the majority of Ghanaians, about the ailing economy and the lack of jobs for the teeming youth of Ghana.”

“So for me, the chances of NPP Breaking the Eight is very slim. In the same vein, however, the NDC does not provide a credible alternative. It is against this background, that the ever-increasing appetite of Ghanaians for a ‘Third Force’, must be considered as the only hope for Ghana to rise again. This is where the newly established Movement for Change under my leadership, becomes the saving grace for Ghana.”

Regarding Vice President Bawumia’s selection as the NPP’s flagbearer, Mr Kyerematen said that it was widely anticipated, hinting that the electoral process may have been strategically inclined towards a specific candidate.

He raised questions about the margin of victory, suggesting that Bawumia’s 60% vote share, though substantial, may indicate a lack of complete control over the ruling NPP.

“Judging from the widely publicized expected margin of not less than 80% in favour of the Vice President, I am inclined to think that the 60% vote for him provides a clear indication that the Vice President does not have total control of his own Party,” Mr Kyerematen remarked.

“The election results must also be analyzed against the background that the Vice President has been campaigning for the Flagbearership since 2020 and has been the beneficiary of both State and Party sponsored support, he added.

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