December 9, 2023
Gombilla House, Lamashegu- Tamale. Near Lamashegu Market.

Paris 2024: Seth Gyimah ‘Freezy MacBones’ loses Olympic qualifier in Dakar

Ghanaian boxer, Seth Gyimah, aka Freezy McBones, was defeated in the round of 32 by Senegalese fighter Seydou Konate in the middleweight (80kg) category at the ongoing Paris 2024 olympic qualifying boxing event in Dakar on Saturday.

Gyimah, an internet sensation, opted to compete for Ghana at next year’s games and joined up with the Ghana amateur boxing team, the Black Bombers, to prepare for the qualifying event in Senegal.

Unfortunately, his usual power punches failed to make any impact, as the Senegalese boxer skilfully dispatched Gyimah, earning a unanimous 4-0 decision from the judges.

Despite this setback, Freezy MacBones still retains an opportunity to qualify for Paris 2024, but must now do so in another qualifying event in France later this year.

The talented boxer gained national acclaim after a stellar performance in his match against Darryl Sharp at the Copper Boxing Arena in London this past April, leading up to the Joe Joyce vs. Zhilei Zhang bout. Gyimah emerged triumphant with a unanimous judges’ decision, followed by a captivating interview detailing his journey to success.

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