July 13, 2024
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Pharmacy Council shuts down over 100 pharmacies for infractions

The Pharmacy Council has shut down over 100 pharmaceutical shops for various offenses between September and November.

The Council states that these shops operated illegally and prescribed the wrong medications.

Deputy Registrar at the Pharmacy Council, Dr. Daniel Danquah, says the Council will continue to be strict in the enforcement of its laws.

“About 10 companies have gone through the disciplinary procedure; others were closed. When they complied, it was opened at the regional level. So those reports don’t come to us directly.”

“But if you are trying to put together facilities that have ever been closed down within the year, it is a lot. We can have 100 closed down in two or three months,” the Deputy Registrar at the Pharmacy Council said.

Some of the pharmacies in the country include Ernest Chemist, Tobinco, Unicorn Chemist, East End Pharmacy, Edmark Health Products and Business, 3M&C Health Systems, amongst others.

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