June 21, 2024
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PHOTOS: Cecilia Dapaah in heated confrontation with Martin Kpebu after court proceedings

Events assumed an interesting turn on the morning of 11th October, 2023 when Justice Edward Twum adjourned proceedings to 3pm to rule on an application brought by Mad. Cecilia Dapaah against the Special Prosecutor for early hearing of the confirmation application filed by the Special Prosecutor.

Martin Kpebu, a lawyer and a regular panelist of a weekend political affairs show on Tv3 was also in court in respect of a separate matter. Mr. Kpebu found himself with his clients outside the courtroom after the judge had risen.

Lawyers for Mad. Cecilia Dapaah led by Mrs. Victoria Barth together with Mad Dapaah and her husband matched out of the courtroom as they were engaged in conversation.

Outside of courtroom upon his sight, Mrs. Barth engaged Mr. Kpebu in conversation which became heated at a point. Mrs. Barth was unhappy about the statements made by Mr. Kpebu, a lawyer governed by legal ethics of prejudicial commentary in the media.

Mrs Barth could be heard repeating the following words to Mr. Kpebu, “as a lawyer”, “as a lawyer” in expressing her displeasure at Mr. Kpebu for remarks she deemed untrue and unfair against her client especially from a lawyer.

Mad. Dapaah who was calm in demeanour approached Mr. Kpebu indicating to him the unfairness in his commentary. This was after she made gestures towards Mr. Kpebu suggestive of her calming his temper.

Mr. Kpebu did not take lightly to some words from Mrs. Barth which suggested to Mr. Kpebu to take heed to ethical conduct required of a lawyer in commentary on matters in court.

He strongly suggested to Mad. Dapaah among others that all he was doing was running commentary on the matter with facts as available suggesting an indication of dauntlessness in his commentary.


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