July 20, 2024
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Physician Assistants Lament Poor Conditions And High Unemployment Rates

The Physician Assistants Students’ Association of Ghana has expressed deep concerns over the high unemployment rate and poor conditions of service confronting its members.

Despite consistent efforts to get these issues addressed by the government since 2018, their complaints have been left unattended.

According to the association, this situation has made it difficult for its members to cater for themselves and their dependents.

The National President, Prince Owusu Mensah appealed to the National Labour Commission, the Ministry of Health, and the Ghana Health Service to treat the matter with urgency.

“We’ve not had any postings from the Ministry of Health since 2018, and this is one of the major issues disturbing us,” Mensah said.

“A lot of conversations have been going on to ensure that this crop of professionals, who are licensed to practice, are being employed. The second one has to do with our conditions of service, which we’re still negotiating with the Fair Wages and Salary Commission (FWSC) to get the right things done.”

Mensah urged the Ministry of Health to ensure that provisions are made for PASAG members in the 2024 budget. He added that the organization will be forced to take further action if their needs are not met.

“In the worst-case scenario, where we make all engagements and they’re still not yielding the results we want, we’re all in Ghana and we know how it’s done, but for now we don’t want to get there,” Mensah said.

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