June 18, 2024
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Police Impounds 17 Motorbikes

The Tafo-Pankrono Divisional Police impounded 17 motorbikes, 2 rickshaws, and 2 tricycles during a security exercise.

The security operation was conducted at Krofrom, Moshie Zongo and Atimatim, all within the jurisdiction of the Tafo-Pankrono Division, around 7:30 am on December 12, 2023.

Carried out by the Tafo-Pankrono Divisional Patrol Team, led by the Divisional Commander, ACP Stephen Kwakye, the exercise was to help reduce crime in the area, as Christmas approaches.

According to a police report, the owners of the impounded motorbikes, rickshaws and tricycles have been asked to produce documents covering them before they would be released to them.

“On 12/12/2023 at 0730hrs55, Tafo-Pankrono Divisional Commander, ACP/Mr. Stephen Kwakye led Tafo-Pankrono Divisional patrol teams to embark on motorbike operations within its area of responsibility and this includes Krofrom, Moshie Zongo and Atimatim.

“The exercise was conducted as a measure to curb violent crime before, during and after this Christmas festivity.

“At the end of  the exercise, seventeen (17) motorbikes, two (2) rickshaws and two (2) tricycles were impounded at the station”, the police document said.

The statement also said, “Owners of these exhibits have been tasked to avail documents covering it” before they would be released to them, adding that the exercise was to help reduce crime.

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