July 24, 2024
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Prateek Suri: A Day In Life Of Technology Unicorn Maser

The one thing that masses are always curious about is how the people they look up to spend every waking moment and how to emulate these people so as to yield successful results.

In the digital era, we have seen CEO’s, sports champions, influencers and people of high regard take us through their daily routines and aspects that changed their perspectives, and subsequently their lives.

For a unicorn such as Maser Group’s CEO, each day for Prateek Suri begins with a sense of purpose. Prateek is a firm believer in the idea that the success of Maser Group is not only based financial gains but also focuses on making a positive and lasting impact on society.

As Prateek enters the Maser premises, his first order of business is always to bring together the leadership team for a stand-up meeting. “Starting our day with a quick team huddle helps us align on our goals and priorities,” Prateek explains. “We’re not just here to chase profits; we’re here to create meaningful technological solutions that can change lives.”

Partnerships and collaboration play an important role in supporting the growth and vision of businesses and Prateek Suri recognizes this. Throughout the day, as his schedule allows, Prateek engages in discussions with potential partners across different industries and establishes a common ground for both or multiple teams to come together. “Partnerships are key to our growth,” Prateek emphasizes. “We want to leverage the strengths of others to enhance our offerings and provide even more value to our clients.”

The culture at Maser is centred on innovation and to keep up with this Prateek ensures that this principle is emphasized and built-in in every aspect of the company. As a result, a major part of the CEO’s day involves brainstorming, reviewing ongoing projects, and collaborating with Maser’s talented pool of developers and engineers. “Technology evolves rapidly,” he says, “and we need to stay at the forefront of innovation. Our dedicated teams work tirelessly to bring fresh ideas to life.”

In our fast-paced world, a lot of focus is relayed on the work-life balance as it impacts how well one performs and shows up for self and other. Finding a harmonious balance however requires a fair ratio of putting one’s priorities in order and deciding where attention goes. It is no different at Maser Group. “We encourage a balanced approach to work,” Prateek says. “Happy and healthy employees are more productive and innovative.” The CEO puts effort to ensure that the work environment at Maser is not productive and supportive.

Any business mogul, every mental health practitioner and any one that cares for themselves will tell you how important the tone that ends the day is. For Prateek, every evening finds him taking some time to reflect and introspect.

During this time, he reviews the accomplishments, opportunities, and challenges of his day, and begins to outline priorities for the next day.

For Prateek, every single day at Maser is a step closer to realizing the company’s vision. “Every day presents new challenges and new possibilities,” Prateek reflects. “At Maser, we are on a journey to create transformative technology solutions, and each day brings us closer to that goal.”

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