July 24, 2024
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President Buhari Laments Mass Youth Migration To Europe

President Buhari has lamented the mass migration of African youth to European, saying the development drains the continent of talent pool, while provoking political crises in Europe.

The President stated this in an article he penned to mark the participation of Nigeria at the ongoing 6th EU-AFRICA summit in Brussels, Belgium.

In the article published in Politico, an online/offline magazine which is the most influential publication for the EU/ in Brussels, President Buhari said despite its best efforts, Europe will not find a sustainable remedy to this problem by further reinforcing its Fortress Europe approach. 

According to him, instead, more opportunities must be created for Africans at home, providing alternatives to the decision to take a life-threatening boat journey in order to seek them elsewhere.

He advised that economic relationship between the two continents must be recalibrated to focus on job creation.


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