July 16, 2024
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Prof. Seidu Alhassan is NOT vice chancellor of UDS ~ Commission directs Council to stay appointment until all issues are resolved

The Ghana Tertiary Education Commission has directed the Council Chairman of the University For Development Studies, Prof. A. Wayo Seini to stay the appointment of Prof. Seidu Alhassan as Vice Chancellor until all issues bordering on the appointment are resolved.

The decision follows escalating concerns from some senior staff members of the University for Development Studies (UDS) over a so-called unilateral appointment of Professor Seidu Al-Hassan as the new Vice-Chancellor, announced in a letter dated June 1, 2022 and signed by Professor Wayo Seini who is the Council Chairman without recourse to due procedures.

The current Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Gabriel Ayum Teye’s tenure shall come to an end on September 30, 2022, following an extension of his mandate by Governing Council of the University for Development Studies (UDS) by two years in July 2020. As a result, a VC’s search committee was constituted to look for a possible replacement and report same to the Governing Council.

However, the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission in response to the alleged appointment of Prof. Seidu Alhassan has requested that the Council furnish the commission with the munities of the council meeting that took the decision to appoint Prof. Seidu Alhassan as Vice Chancellor, if that was done.

This request has become necessary following several concerns from a section of the public and alumini pointing to the fact that due process was not followed as report of the search committee for the Vice Chancellor had not been laid before the council for approval or otherwise as required.

Some staff have also raised issues of lack of fairness in the whole process, arguing that, Prof. Seidu Alhassan was the least qualified amongst all the interested persons vying for the position but was favored through undisclosed circumstances.

One the contrary, if this important requirement was breached, you are by this letter requested to convene a council meeting; emergency or scheduled; to discuss and approve or otherwise, search committee’s report. the letter stated.

In the meantime, the commission directs that you stay the appointment of Prof. Seidu Alhassan as Vice Chancellor until all issues bordering on the appointment are resolved, the letter concluded.

Senior Members of the University who are shocked at the decision want the entire Governing Council of the institution to call the Chairman to order since he may be acting on their behalf.



  1. We the Representatives of UTAG and CONVOCATION REPS to the Governing Council of the University for Development Studies, have sighted in circulation a letter appointing a Vice Chancellor for the University.
  2. The said letter was signed by the Council Chairman
  3. As your representatives, we want to bring to your attention that we are not aware of this decision.
  4. As stipulated in the Statutes (Statutes 8) of the University, the decision to appoint a Vice Chancellor is taken at a meeting of the Council after the Search Party has submitted its report to Council.
  5. We will like to state that, as your Representatives, we have not sighted the report of the Search Party and we have not attended any meeting to deliberate on the report and take a decision on it.
  6. Such a decision is communicated to the interested individual(s) or stakeholders by the Secretary to Council(The Registrar) but not the Chairman.
  7. We think that due process has not been followed and your voices through us has not been ably heard and represented in this decision.
  8. It is important that, an academic institution such as ours should follow due process that has been laid down and agreed by all of us.
  9. We should move away from allowing individuals to take decisions without regard to due process, the consequences of which can derail the gains made through our collective efforts over the last three decades.
  10. It is our belief that it does not matter who is appointed as VC of our noble University as long as due process is followed. So, we wish to assure you that as your Representatives, we would do our best to ensure due process as specified in Statutes 8.10 is followed in appointing whoever the University Council deems fit for the position.
  11. We thank you for your continued support as we all work for the common interest and development of our great University.
  12. Prof Francis Kwaku Amaglo( Professoral rep)
  13. Dr Mrs Sanatu Mustapha Alidu ( Non Professoral rep)
  14. Dr Felix Y T Longi( UTAG President.)

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