June 18, 2024
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Refund unmerited allowances ~ FWSC

Some staff of the state broadcasting corporation Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) are earning allowances they are not entitled to.

This was discovered by the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC) as part of its payroll monitoring exercise.

The FWSC has thus recommended that some allowances of staff of the state-owned broadcasting company be taken off the payroll.

“Vehicle Maintenance Allowance should be taken off the payroll, GBC Computer Special Allowance should be taken off the payroll,” the FWSC stated, explaining that: “This has never been determined by the employer and was consolidated into the basic salary after the migration of GBC staff unto the Single Spine Salary Structure (SPSS).”

The FWSC further indicated “Category 4 Allowances” which are meant for “Directors and above are currently being enjoyed by some staff below the rank of Directors.”

These include: “Rent allowance (739 staff), Domestic Servant Cleaner (4 staff), Domestic Servant Cook (3 staff), Domestic Servant Watchman (60 staff), Housing (8 staff), Entertainment (61 staff), Utility (Electricity, Water and Telephone) (59 staff).”

“This should be immediately stopped and taken off the payroll,” the FWSC directed.

It added: “Staff of GBC who have received the unearned allowances amounting to Two Million, Eighty-four Thousand and Twenty, Ghana Cedis (2,084,020.00) per annum should be made to refund the allowances in the appropriate GoG Suspense Accounts.”

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